Wool Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore

When it comes to cleaning wool carpet, we provide exceptional carpet cleaning services one can think of. We, at Best Cleaning Guru, is proud to say that we’re one of the most reputable carpet cleaning and repair service in the nation, and we always do our best to provide excellent rug cleaning services that our customers would truly love –  especially when it’s about cleaning wool carpet.

Today, we’re aware of how we must provide our clients needs when it comes to professional cleaning. That’s why we base our services in these principles.
–  We make sure that we only deliver consistent, quality care to our customers.
–  We’ll do our best to answer your calls and resolve your carpet cleaning wool carpet problems in no time.
–  We only use the best equipment available in the market.
–  Our technicians are highly trained and professionally screened.

There are a lot of reasons why Best Cleaning Guru’s Expertise offers the top of the line carpet cleaning service you can think of.

Cleaning Commercial Wool Carpets

On average, it only takes around 20 minutes per room. However, this would also depend on the number of furniture that needs to be moved, the condition of the upholstery ad carpet, as well as the spot removal treatments needed.

How long it takes to dry

The dry time of carpets is usually affected by the temperature, humidity, and airflow to the room This can range anywhere between 8-24 depending on several factors. A lot of professionals suggest the use of fans, because these can also help accelerate the drying time. During the process, it’s important to ensure that the cautionary blocks under the furniture legs are completely dry. This will avert any colour to transfer, and this would also allow you to walk on the carpet almost immediately.

Professional Deep Clean from the Experts

At Best Cleaning Guru Expertise, we’re very much aware that each situation is unique. That’s why we start our service with the complete assessment and focus on the hardly soiled areas. After that, our cleaning specialists use only the best hot-water extraction method to completely remove the dirt and debris.

The Carpet Cleaning Services are ensured in writing

It’s important that a carpet cleaning service can guarantee everything it has to offer through writing. That’s why we provide a written contract that gives the assurance that we follow through our guarantees. We make sure that our customers won’t feel like they’re cutting any corners when it comes to cleaning the office.

Go Ahead! Walk On It!

Best Cleaning Guru Expertise only uses a powerful truck mounted system that’s capable of attracting moisture from commercialize carpet, and we also make sure it dries fast. You can try walking on it to have a feel and assurance that we’ll make sure your carpets are fully dried before we leave.

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

We’re more than pleased to have a transaction with you and solve any problem that may arise during the process. We’ll make sure to clean your carpets professionally to the extent that it will look good as new.

To find out more, email enquiry@bestcleaningguru.com or call us at +65 9456 7022.

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