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Professional Oriental Carpet Cleaning for Your Office

Oriental carpet cleaning is a delicate process that office owners should only leave to professionals. Such rugs are incredibly beautiful but they are stained easily, making it important to have a professional service on speed dial to provide maintenance for yours when need arises. Unfortunately, finding a good carpet cleaning service is easier said than done as there are very many companies claiming to be professionals only to disappoint their clients. The best thing for you to do is go for the cleaning company with most recommendations by other corporates. If you use this approach, your search will probably bring you to Best Cleaning Guru.

We are passionate about oriental carpet cleaning as oriental carpets is a reliable way for businesses to maintain a good impression with customers and investors alike. The main reason we have been able to survive in such a competitive industry is our choice to use the best commercial carpet cleaning procedures that reduces downtime and preserves an oriental rug’s glory.

The chemical carpet cleaning services that we offer do not soak commercial oriental carpets during cleaning to avoid inconveniencing those who need to use the office soon afterwards. By placing special chemicals on your precious rug, tough stains will be rapidly broken down without the need to use too much water so that the carpet dries fast. We choose gentle yet effective cleaning chemicals to remove stains off your oriental office carpet without destroying its delicate fibres. Our methods not only prevent you from wasting time that could have been used for important business meetings but also money that you could have used to replace ruined rugs.

We also offer encapsulation carpet cleaning services for stained oriental carpets. Our policy is to only use advanced products created to capture all soil particles so that they can be easily removed through vacuuming. This process uses a three step approach to remove soil stuck deep inside the delicate oriental fibres. Intense pre-application vacuuming is done before applying the encapsulation agent, and after which the carpet is vacuumed again to make it clean and appealing.

These are important carpet cleaning services that each business owner should invest in if they want to extend their carpets’ lifespan. Our professionals are taught to treat different oriental carpets according to their nature to avoid damaging their delicate structure and fibres.

Choosing us assures you of a fast response to your calls whenever you have a carpet emergency to take care of. We promise to cause as few disturbances as we possibly can, graciously reorganizing your office space to leave it as we found it before clean up. We have several teams in our employ which enables to cover vast office spaces in the shortest time possible. We use gentle cleaning chemicals which bring a pleasant smell to your space after cleaning so that your employees can comfortably continue with their work.

Contact us at enquiry@bestcleaningguru.com or call us at +65 9456 7022 today for more insights into your commercial carpet cleaning services and how we are able to help you with your carpet cleaning solutions.

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