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There are two types of chemical carpet dry cleaning services: dry and steam methods. Do you know which option to select when you plan to clean your carpet? Either method has its pros and cons that you should evaluate before making a decision.

Steam Does Not Clean Your Carpets

There is the debate on which of the two methods is more effective than the other. Therefore it is of paramount importance to shed some light on the myth that steam will be used when cleaning your carpets. Commercial and home machines run on hot water that in turn produces steam but the steam does not clean your carpet.

However, you should note that the machines spray detergent on your carpet. The hot water that the machine runs on then activates the sprayed detergent onto the carpet fibers –acidic for natural or wool and alkaline for synthetic carpet fibers. A wet vacuum cleaner is then used to draw most of the water that collects on the floor.

You may decide to seek professional cleaning services or rent a steam cleaner and clean your rug by yourself. If you choose to rent a machine, you should be ready to wait as you may get several people who have booked before you.

All the methods used in our chemical carpet cleaning services employ the use of cleaning liquids that placed in machines. The machine is then moved over the carpet methodically and slowly. The machine sucks up the water on the carpet and dumps it out.

After cleaning your carpet, it is advisable not to use it for some time, usually twelve to twenty-four hours so it can dry. In some instances, your carpet may shrink when the leftover water dries up. However, this will not be a big problem if your carpet made from untreated natural fibers.

Steam Cleaning Dries Faster

At Best Cleaning Guru, we often use powerful handheld machines or those attached to a vehicle depending on the size of your carpet. Our machines used have more power; they can quickly spray large volumes of detergent onto your carpet and suck up more water. Using our professional chemical carpet cleaning services gives you a guarantee that your carpet will take a shorter time to dry.

Dry Cleaning Promises Less Waiting

The name of this method is often misleading since we use small amounts of moisture to complement the other dry compounds used. This method offers time advantage since you can use your floor immediately after the cleaning exercise.

Pros and Cons of The Two Methods

For steam cleaning, only hot water and detergent used on your carpet. However, ground in stains may reappear after some time. Such stains may eliminate by using commercial cleaning agents that need your approval.

Dry cleaning offers you the opportunity of an almost no waiting time after cleaning. The chemicals may, however, be harsh and should carefully manage.

If you are considering cleaning your carpet, contact Best Cleaning Guru. Our professional chemical carpet cleaning services team can help you to revitalize your rug to make it last longer.

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