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Before you hire any office buildings cleaning services in Singapore, it is important to note what kind of pricing methods they use. In most cases, per hour pricing method is preferred by both the customers and the companies. However, as you will see in the article below, there are several types of contracts you can sign with a professional cleaning company.



Hourly contracts


Although this might seem like more of a one off payment, hourly contracts are a common business proposal in the realm of commercial cleaning. Most professional cleaners prefer this method over others because of its convenience for both sides. Usually, cleaners come, check the extent of work to be done, clean and then charge you as per the number of hours used to complete the job. Hourly contracts are a good decision where you don’t need strenuous post construction cleaning or clog removal. Hourly contracts can however be expensive if the cleaning is too much. Also, sometimes clients complain of professional cleaners not being thorough in their work since their pay is constant.



Performance-based contracts


Maybe you are also on a performance-based kind of job contract. They are very effective and in the end, both the cleaners and the office building owners feel happy at their decision. The cleaners here are paid based on the work done. If for instance they clean the carpets, washrooms and then leave the windows and sinks dirty, you only pay for the services you received. In performance contracts there are no negotiation. It is either the cleaning is thoroughly done and payment is fully paid, or the cleaning is sloppy and the fees are reduced.



Long-term options


Long-term office building cleaning contracts are good in several occasions. First, if you have an ongoing construction project, signing a long-term building cleaning services contract can help the site remain clean throughout the construction period. Secondly, a long-term cleaning contract can work well where you are impressed by a particular company and you would like to work with them for a longer period of time.

Long-term cleaning contracts however, have both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, they are cheap in the long run. Also, you benefit from the same good cleaning services you have always admired from that your favorite company. On the downside, long-term contracts can be problematic if the cleaning company lowers their qualities of services. Cancelling the long-term contracts could also be tricky and costly at times.



Per item cleaning contracts


Sometimes, professional cleaners charge separate jobs at different prices. For instance, they can choose to charge washroom cleaning separately from exterior building cleaning. It all depends on what you agree on.

No matter what kind of contracts you prefer, there is always a cleaning company that is willing to listen to you. To help you get professional office buildings cleaning services in Singapore, give Best Cleaning Guru a call. We can get you the services you need when you need according to your budget.

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