Bamboo Floor Cleaning

Bamboo floor cleaning is a very difficult task. Bamboo is an elegant flooring material. On the downside, it’s easily damaged by moisture and heat. This is more pronounced in Singapore as the weather can get very hot to very wet in a sudden. Hence, cleaning a bamboo floor is not just about cleaning, it’s also about not causing damage.

So, what is the biggest problem when it comes to cleaning your flooring? And, how can a professional wood cleaning service help your business? If you are curious to know the answer, then simply read on.

Slim Bamboo Thick Problems

When cleaning flooring made with bamboo, the concern is all about cleaning and mitigating any damages.
Some business owners that a broom, mop or vacuum can do the job. At a degree, these tools can clean the flooring. But if you are interested for a deep clean, the kind that makes your flooring look like new, these tools are simply not up for the job.

This is because of the bamboo’s structure. Bamboo has a coarse skin and a fibrous internal arrangement. The coarse skin and the fibers become a magnet for dirt, dust, grime and filth. Even though common cleaning materials can do a certain level of cleaning, but they are not simply capable of extracting all the hidden filth stuck in the bamboo’s skin and fibers. This is also the reason why your flooring looks dull and old.

Why you should hire a professional.

The painless solution is simply hiring a professional wood cleaning service. It will save you time as you won’t be doing it by yourself, and it will save you money as you are not risking your flooring for costly repairs.

Professionals have two secret weapons to deal with filthy flooring, and that is expertise and equipment.

To truly clean a bamboo flooring, you will need expertise. You will need expertise in assessing the condition of the flooring. You will need expertise in determining the kind of treatment. Most importantly, you will need expertise in choosing the kind of cleaning solution to use so it won’t cause damage. All of this can be done by a professional service.

Professionals also have the right tools and equipment. Most cleaning materials simply move the filth around. On the other hand, professionals use commercial grade cleaners. Most of the time, for cleaning bamboo flooring, they will use a powerful rotary brush that will dislodge the filth. The tool also incorporates a powerful vacuum to simultaneously suck out the filth before it has a chance to float away.

Lastly, a professional service can apply the right sealant on your flooring. The sealant will protect the newly cleaned bamboo flooring, and this will help the cleaning service last longer.

Bamboo is a beautiful flooring material, but it’s very susceptible to the elements. Furthermore, it is coarse and fibrous, making it a magnet for filth. Regular cleaning materials simply cannot do the job. On the other hand, professionals wood floor cleaning have access to powerful equipment to truly clean the flooring without causing damage. If you are looking for a good floor cleaning service in Singapore, then the Best Cleaning Guru is worth checking out as we are one of the best in Singapore. Please contact us now and ask us how we can help you.

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