Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Services Singapore

You think you don’t need a professional aircraft exterior cleaning service in Singapore, you might want to think again.

An aircraft in Singapore is a huge investment. Would you really want to allow just anyone to wash one of the most expensive toys you own? An aircraft is a huge investment; any cleaning mistakes may also lead to costly repairs.

So, what are the real problems of cleaning an exterior of an aircraft? And, how can an aircraft cleaning service help my business? If you are curious to know the answers, then read on. Otherwise, a simple cleaning mistake may lead to life-threatening malfunction.

Multiple Parts, Multiple Problems

The surface area of an aircraft is relatively huge. For anyone who is not a professional, it will take significantly more time to clean. Furthermore, simple cleaning mistakes will be more visible as there are plenty of areas to make the same mistake over and over again.

An example of this is water spots. If you allow just anyone to apply any kind of wax or sealant, then it’s possible to endanger the exterior integrity of the aircraft. Harsh chemicals may cause damage and seep through the deeper layers. There is also the cleaning of the gears and moving parts. Again, you would want to make sure that there is no damage that happens to the parts after the cleaning is done. You will need someone who knows how to avoid parts and areas that are considered as critical.

The Safe And Easy Way

If you truly want the exterior of your aircraft cleaned and ensure that your investment will not be damaged, then hiring an aircraft cleaning services is the only way to go. These kinds of services only allow trained and schooled professionals to handle the cleaning of your aircraft.

Professionals know how to thoroughly clean an aircraft’s exterior. You are able to choose from dry or wet wash. Professionals will be able to bring out the clean and smooth surface of your aircraft, without any hint of water spots. Professionals also know the specific kind of wax and sealant to apply.

These will make your aircraft look great, and at the same time protect the paint. This also means, that hiring a professional will help you keep your cost down by extending the need for a repainting job. When it’s time to clean the landing gear and other moving parts, the professionals will take extra care. The top priority is safety, and that is why this process is done in multi-stages.

Furthermore, professionals know which parts must be handled with extra care. Also, professionals rarely use water or pressure cleaners when handling these areas to avoid damages. Everything is done by hand so that critical areas and parts will be left undisturbed during the process.

Aircraft cleaning professionals are also able to do metal polishing, or also known as brushwork, if you opt for it. Metal polishing is done in multiple stages to safely remove hazing, pitting and scratching from your aircraft’s metal surfaces. After the service is done, the metal will have a deep mirror-like shine.

Professional Aircraft Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of an aircraft is a tough job. Not only you are concerned with the quality of cleaning, but you will also have to take safety as a top priority. Not everyone can fill this kind of need. Your best bet is to hire professionals who know what they are doing. Professionals will be able to clean the exterior surface of your aircraft, the moving parts and apply the right sealant and wax. The end result is an aircraft that look like new, without putting the parts into risk.

We know you are looking for a good aircraft exterior cleaning services in Singapore, and we are here to help you. Contact the Best Cleaning Guru now as we are always ready to hear you out and formulate a cleaning plan just for you.

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