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There are two common methods of carrying out cooling tower cleaning services in Singapore. The first method is by the use of chemicals while the second is to clean the cooling towers mechanically. What matters most however, is the professional cleaning services company that you choose to hire to do the cleaning. Read on to learn how a cooling tower should be cleaned.



Preparation before cleaning


Irrespective of how you choose to clean the cooling towers, it is important to start by doing the following pre-cleaning procedures. First, switch off the power source before doing any cleaning whatsoever. Again, make sure that the tower is isolated from the rest of the system for safety reasons. Disconnect the water supply to the tower by turning off any valves that supply or return water to and from the tower. After that, open the bottom drain and disconnect the overflow pipes. You can then wear appropriate gear for the cleaning.



Mechanical cleaning


Mechanical cleaning is often done for the sake of removing dirt, mud, algae and debris from the cooling tower. Most chiller cleaning services use power washers, spray nozzles, brooms, squeegees and shovels to remove the unwanted materials from the cooling systems. Mechanical cleaning starts at the hot deck where a power washer is used to clean the screen, tower blade and the inside of the exhaust collar. It is important to check and remove debris from the drain holes of a cooling tower. On the other hand, mechanical cleaning could lead to breakages if the cooling tower is not taken care of appropriately. The pressure released by power washers is enough to break the fill.

Other parts that need good cleaning are the floor of the sump and the float valve. They harbor a lot of dirt and debris which always lead to inefficiency in the cooling towers. Also, the walls and areas beneath the fan blades should be carefully cleaned as they are very delicate.



Chemical cleaning


There is a reason why it is important to have your cooling towers cleaned by a professional cleaning company like Best Cleaning Guru. The reason is that professionals are well trained on how to handle cleaning chemicals. Most of the chemicals have different functions and the wrong use could read to hazards. Bio dispersants for instance are used when you want to remove dirt and dust from the different parts of the cooling tower. Sometimes, a bacteria test is required before cleaning a cooling tower that is fouled or one that has not been used for a long time. The bacteria test is often accompanied by disinfection which is done before the cleaning professionals can disembark on mechanical cleaning.



Scaled cooling towers


Where a cooling tower is highly scaled, acid cleaning is the best option. The volume of acid to be used can only be determined by a cleaning expert. They can also guide in the application of the acid in the cooling towers.

Don’t wait until your cooling tower breaks down for it to get cleaned. Contact us today and let us help you get the best professional cooling tower cleaning services in Singapore that money can buy.

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