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5 Indicators That You Need To Do Some AC Unit Cleaning

AC unit cleaning services in Singapore keep the air conditioners in your house or office clean and tidy. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore their AC units; leading to reduced life spans and inefficiency in the long run. So, if your AC has some of the following features, it is time to do some AC unit cleaning.

Your aircon runs almost throughout the day

If your AC is so important that you have to keep it on for almost the whole day, dedicate some time and money to clean it. Usually, the longer an AC runs during the day, the more likely it is that it will pick up dirt and dust which can get clogged in the fins and coils of the air conditioner.

It is old

Old air conditioners, if they have not been under regular maintenance, are often very dirty and require AC unit cleaning services. Imagine how an AC that has been in operation for more than three years without getting proper cleaning looks like on the inside. All the dirt, dust, hair and other particles which have been accumulating over the years could be the reason why your office never gets cool as it should be. So, if you think that your AC is old, hire a professional to clean it up for you. If you are looking for a professional, look no further than Best Cleaning Guru as we can connect you the right people.

It is located near streets

An air conditioner located near a street is likely to get dirty more often than one located inside the building. There is more dirt in the streets. So litter, moulds, hair and other small objects that get trapped inside your AC unit should make you want to clean it more regularly than any other machine in your premises.  Sometimes we tend to ignore these signs that almost always lead to a negative effect on our air conditioners.

What happens to a dirty AC Unit?

If you keep procrastinating on the need for AC unit cleaning services, the machine will begin to wear out at a faster than normal rate, especially in Singapore’s weather. Dust and dirt is usually trapped inside the air conditioners’ fins and coils, which makes them run longer in order to achieve the same results that a normal AC would give you. The unnecessary overworking of the machine’s parts makes it get old at a very fast rate, which in the end bounces back on you financially.

Higher energy bills

If your AC unit keeps running all day long, the energy bill will inevitably rise. The rise in bills will often depend on how dirty or damaged the machine is, so instead of waiting to feel the pinch of high energy bills, clean it from time to time.

More breakdowns

It is no science that a dirty air conditioner breaks down more often. So avoid paying high repair cost and hire a professional AC unit cleaner once in a while. Contact Best Cleaning Guru today for AC unit cleaning services in Singapore.

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