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How Aircon Cleaning services Singapore Should Be Done

Aircon cleaning services Singapore are necessary when dust and dirt start building up on the coils of your air conditioner, decreasing its efficacy immensely. When this happens, we rush to hire cleaners for aircon cleaning services who do not always do the job right. However, as you shall learn below, this is not how an air conditioner should clean.

Shutting it off

Cleaning a dirty air conditioner starts by turning off the power source. It is the easiest part. In most cases, the shut-off box usually located next to the air conditioner itself. If it is not, there is always a circuit breaker that serves the machine. That is where you or professional cleaners should shut it. After that, the next step should be to clean the outer parts and clear any dirt that may surround it.

Dismantling the Air conditioner

With a simple screwdriver or nut driver, it is easy to remove the top part of the aircon. Note that while dismantling the air conditioner; our aircon cleaning services professionals always take care not to damage any wires in the machine.

Lubricate the fan assembly gently

Before doing the lubrication bit, a cleaner should use a broom or rag to wipe out dirt that may clog in the fan blades. Also, cleaners should never ignore the fan motor as this is an essential part of the air conditioner. Where lubrication is required, oil should be applied gently and appropriately. Additionally, if the coils of the AC are also dirty, they should be cleaned by using a stiff brush. It is much more efficient than a rag if you do AC unit cleaning.

Using chemicals to remove trapped dirt

There is always an advantage in calling a professional aircon cleaning services company in Singapore like Best Cleaning Guru to do this job. Professional cleaners have the training required, the skills to combine chemicals properly and the ability to wash away any dirt trapped inside your air conditioner without damaging it in any way.

It should wash from the inside to the outside

While most people can clean any other machine well by applying this technique, an air conditioner requires a special kind of cleaning. Spraying chemicals on its wires can be potentially damaging. Due to this, that is why you need to call professionally trained aircon cleaners to do the job for you.

Inspecting the coils and wires for damages

Once you are satisfied with your cleaned aircon, a cleaner should always look out for bent coil fins or damaged wires before reassembling the machine. As for the fins, most professional cleaning companies have the right tools to fix this problem.

Hire us and get great results

If you are looking for professionals to get the job done, then you are at the right place. Our staff are specially trained to clean aircon without damaging it in any way and experience in this work can help you tremendously in case they spot a flaw in your air conditioner. However, what is more, important is to partner with a company that offers specialised training in air conditioner chemical cleaning. So, as you rest in your bed this evening, think about the advantages that you would get by contacting us for aircon cleaning services in Singapore.

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